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    Southern Wesleyan University
  Dec 12, 2017
2017-18 Undergraduate Bulletin

Religion, Children's Ministry Concentration (BA)

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Federal CIP: 38.0201 Religion/Religious Studies

Religion BA Requirements with a Concentration in Children's Ministry

Specified Core Curriculum

Students earning a bachelor’s degree must complete all Core Curriculum  requirements. The following specific core curriculum course(s) is required.


In addition to core curriculum (40-44 credit hours) and major course requirements, students must complete elective coursework appropriate to their degree. A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for most bachelor’s degrees, including elective coursework. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to identify courses that complement their program area. 

Ordination Requirements for the Wesleyan Church

Students who are pursuing ordination in the Wesleyan Church and who complete the Children’s Ministry concentration in the Division of Religion will also need to find ways to complete the following courses as electives in order to fulfill the Wesleyan Church’s academic requirement for ordination:


Core Curriculum  Requirements 40-44 hrs.

Major Requirements 58 hrs.

Electives 18-22 hrs.


Total: 120 hrs.


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