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Transfer Course Guide 
Transfer Course Guide

Greenville Tech Human Services (AAS) - Human Services (BS)

Federal CIP:  44.0000 Human Services, General

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Human Services are expected to:

  • demonstrate knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values related to significant facts, theories, and issues within the human services field;
  • display knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values consistent with an understanding and appreciation of multi-cultural issues;
  • display the critical thinking skills and research skills necessary to interpret and contribute to current practices in human services;
  • understand and apply basic principles of case management in working with clients; and
  • be prepared for employment or graduate studies in human services related fields

    Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements (40-41 hours)  

Students earning a bachelor’s degree must complete all Core Curriculum and General Education requirements.

Greenville Technical College Specified General Education Requirements

SWU General Education Course Credits GTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
STAT 3203 Statistics 3  

MAT 120 Probability and Statistics

3 Hours
SC Technical Colleges

SWU Equivalency: STAT 3203  Statistics (3 Hours)

Majors:  Criminal Justice Studies, Early Childhood and Family Studies, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Human Services, Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry, Psychology, Social Science

Minors:  Human Services and Psychology

Core Curriculum/General Education:  Mathematics

General Elective

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PSYC 2003 General Psychology or SOSC 1003 Introduction to Sociology 3  PSY 201 General Psychology  

Human Services Major Courses

Completion of major courses and concentration courses requires a minimum grade of C-.

SWU Required Course (36 hours) Credits GTC Equivalent Course (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
PSYC 3123 Human Growth and Development 3 PSY 203 Human Growth and Development  
PSYC 3363 Applied Psychopathology 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3483 Conflict Resolution 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3753 Practical Interviewing Skills 3 HUS 231 Counseling Techniques  
SEMR 2153 Information Literacy 3 No equivalent
SOSC 2053 Foundational Issues in the Human Services 3 HUS 101 Introduction to Human Services  
SOSC 2143 Human Diversity 3 No equivalent
SOSC 3053 Professional and Ethical Issues in the Helping Professions 3 No equivalent
SOSC 3503 Advanced Social Problems 3 SOC 205 Social Problems  
One (1) option selected from the following:    
SOSC 3003 Case Management 3 HUS 209 Case Management  
SOSC 3013 Case Management I AND SOSC 3023 Case Management II 3 No equivalent
One (1) course selected from the following:    
RSCH 3803 Research Methods 3 No equivalent
SOSC 3033 Community and Program Assessment 3 No equivalent
One (1) course selected from the following:    
STAT 3203 Statistics 3 MAT 120 Probability and Statistics  
STAT 3253 Statistics in the Social Sciences 3 No equivalent
One (1) course selected from the following:    
SOSC 4003 Studies in Social Science 3 No equivalent
SOSC 4803 Practicum in Social Science 3 HUS 150 Supervised Field Placement I  
Concentration (12 Hours)

Students choose at least one 12-hour concentration; a minimum of 4 courses.  Courses in each concentration need to be unique.  Duplicate course credit will not be applied among concentrations.  Completion of concentration courses requires a minimum grade of C-.

Administration Concentration (12 hours) Credits Equivalent GTC Course (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
MGMT 2013 Principles of Management 3 MGT 101 Principles of Management  
MGMT 3353 Organizational Behavior 3 MGT 255 Organizational Behavior  
SOSC 3073 Management Issues in the Helping Professions 3 No equivalent
SOSC 3603 Community Development 3 No equivalent
Counseling Concentration (12 hours)    
PSYC 3713 Counseling Theory and Practice 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3743 Crisis Intervention 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3763 Multicultural Counseling 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3783 Addictions Counseling 3 No equivalent
Criminal Justice (12 hours)    
CRJS 1253 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice  
CRJS 2283 Police and Community 3 CRJ 224 Police Community Relations  
CRJS 3353 Juveniles and the Law 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3353 Forensic Psychology 3 No equivalent
Marriage and Family Services Concentration    
Select twelve (12) hours from the following:    
PSYC 3103 Child Development 3 ECD 102 Growth and Development I  
PSYC 3113 Adolescent Development 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3133 Adulthood Development and Aging 3 No equivalent
SOSC 2013 Sex, Courtship, and Marriage 3 No equivalent
SOSC 2513 Family Studies 3 ECD 108 Family and Community Relations  
Specialized Concentration    
Specified 12 credit hours with prior approval of the Human Services Program Coordinator and Division Chair  

Electives (28-32 hours)

In addition to core curriculum and general education requirements (40-41 credit hours) and major course requirements, students must complete elective coursework appropriate to their degree.  A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for most bachelor’s degrees, including elective coursework.  Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to identify courses that complement their program area.

SWU Equivalent Course Credits GTC Additional Course Requirements (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
Elective credit 3 HUS 102 Personal and Professional Development in Helping Professions  
Elective credit 3 HUS 204 Introduction to Social Work  
Elective credit 3 HUS 205 Gerontology 
Elective credit 3 HUS 206 Death and Dying  
Elective credit 3 HUS 208 Alcohol and Drug Abuse  
Elective credit 3 HUS 216 Behavior Change Techniques 
Elective credit 3 HUS 217 Addictions Counseling  
Elective credit 3 HUS 220 Diversity Issues in Human Services Practice  
Elective credit 3 HUS 231 Counseling Techniques ; or HUS 241 The Counseling Relationship  
Elective credit 3 HUS 260 Human Services Special Topics  
Elective credit 3 MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics  
Elective credit 3 SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology  


Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements 40-41 hours
Major Requirements 39 hours
Concentration Requirements 12 hours
Electives 28-29 hours
Total 120 hrs.

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