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Transfer Course Guide 
Transfer Course Guide

Tri-County Early Care and Education (AAS) - Early Childhood and Family Studies (BS)

Federal CIP: 19.0701 Human Development and Family Studies, General

Early Childhood and Family Studies is an interdisciplinary program that prepares graduates to work in a variety of non-public school settings that serve children and families. Through this program, students acquire the values, knowledge, skills and dispositions within a “Christian ethic of care” necessary to positively impact contemporary families in the areas of early childhood and family studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know and understand young children’s characteristics and needs and the multiple influences on development and learning.
  • Know and understand family and community characteristics and support them through respectful and reciprocal relationships.
  • Understand the goals, benefits and uses of assessment and practice responsible assessment.
  • Use content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum in all curriculum areas.
  • Uphold ethical standards and professional guidelines and engage in informed advocacy for young children, their families and the early childhood profession.

Transfer of Associate Degree in Early Care and Education

If a student meets the criteria below, the student will be accepted without further review of credentials at Southern Wesleyan University into the BS in Early Childhood and Family Studies program:

  • The student has earned an Associate Degree in Early Care and Education from one of the NAEYC accredited programs offered by a college in the SC Technical College System.


Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements (40-41 hours)  

Students earning a bachelor’s degree must complete all Core Curriculum and General Education requirements.

Tri-County Technical College Specified General Education Requirements

SWU General Education Course Credits TCTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
EDUC 3423 Instructional Technology for Education Majors 3 CPT 170  Microcomputer Applications
(Course must be no older than 5 years to transfer)
MATH 1023 Algebra or STAT 3203 Statistics 3 MAT 102  Intermediate Algebra or MAT 155  Contemporary Mathematics or MAT 120  Probability and Statistics
PSYC 2003 General Psychology 3 PSY 201  General Psychology
SEMR 2323 Foundations of Success
This course is waived with transfer of 30 credit hours or more and a minimum collegiate 2.0 GPA.
3 ECD 135  Health, Safety and Nutrition

Early Childhood and Family Studies Major Courses (41 hours)

Completion of EDRS 3073 and all ECFS major courses requires a minimum grade of C.

SWU Major Requirements (41 hours) Credits TCTC Course Equivalent
ECFS 2743 The Study of Young Children 3 No equivalent
ECFS 3743 Curriculum and Instruction in ECE 3 ECD 237  Methods and Materials
ECFS 3843 Parent Education 3 No equivalent
ECFS 4343 Organization and Administration of ECE Programs 3 No equivalent
EDRS 3073 R2S Content Area Reading and Writing for ECE/ELE 3 No equivalent
EDUC 3363 Behavior of the Preschool Child/Field Experience 3 ECD 105  Guidance-Classroom Management
EDUC 3742 Methods of Teaching Creative Arts in General and Special Education 2 ECD 132  Creative Experiences
ENGL 3043 Children’s Literature 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3113 Adolescent Psychology 3 ECD 203  Growth and Development II
PSYC 3133 The Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 3 No equivalent
SOSC 2103 Sex, Courtship, and Marriage 3 No equivalent
SOSC 2513 Family Studies 3 ECD 108  Family and Community Relations
SOSC 3073 Management Issues in the Helping Professions 3 No equivalent
Select one course from the following:    
PSYC 3753 Practical Counseling Skills 3 No equivalent
PSYC 3763 Multicultural Counseling 3 No equivalent

Professional Education Requirements (28 hours)

Completion of all ECFS professional education courses requires a minimum grade of C.

SWU Professional Education Requirements (28 hours) Credits TCTC Course Equivalent
ECFS 4646 Child and Family Internship I 6 No equivalent
ECFS 4656 Child and Family Internship II 6 No equivalent
EDUC 1201 Cornerstone to Education 1 ECD 243  Supervised Field Experience I
EDUC 2113 Foundations of Education 3 No equivalent
EDUC 2663 Effective Methods for ECE/Field Experience 3 ECD 101  Introduction to Early Childhood Development
EDUC 3183 Ethics in Education 3 ECD 201  Principles of Ethics and Leadership in Early Childhood
EDUC 3203 Introduction to the Exceptional Child 3 ECD 107  Exceptional Child
PSYC 3103 Child Psychology 3 ECD 102  Growth and Development I

Electives (10-11 hours)

In addition to core curriculum and general education requirements (40-41 credit hours) and major course requirements, students must complete elective coursework appropriate to their degree.  A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for most bachelor’s degrees, including elective coursework.  Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to identify courses that complement their program area.

SWU Elective Courses Credits TCTC Equivalent Course (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
Elective credit 3 COL 103  College Skills
Elective credit 3 ECD 109  Administration and Supervision
Elective credit 3 ECD 131  Language Arts
EDUC 3033 Methods of Teaching ECE Math 3 ECD 133  Science and Math Concepts
Elective credit 3 MGT 121  Small Business Operations
Elective credit 3 SPA 101  Elementary Spanish I


Core Curriculum Requirements 40-41 hrs.
Major Requirements 41 hrs.
Professional Education Requirements 28 hrs.
Electives 10-11 hrs.
Total 120 hrs.

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