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Transfer Course Guide 
Transfer Course Guide

Tri-County Accounting (AAS) - Business Administration (BS)

Federal CIP: 52.0201 Business Administration and Management, General
Learning Outcomes

Students completing the On-Campus Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration are expected to:

  • be effective communicators in both oral and written communication;
  • demonstrate leadership in effective collaboration, interacting and contributing as a team member to meet stated goals;
  • demonstrate the ability to articulate the impact of corporate social responsibility for business and society;
  • demonstrate a clear perception of business ethics based on Christian principles and apply leadership skills that reflect Christian servant leadership principles;
  • be capable problem-solvers using various analytical tools and technology to effectively frame and solve problems.

Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements (40-41 hours)  

Students earning a bachelor’s degree must complete all Core Curriculum and General Education requirements.

Tri-County Technical College Specified General Education Requirements

SWU General Education Course Credits TCTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
CPSC 1103 Introduction to Computers and Information Processing 3 CPT 170  Microcomputer Applications
(Course must be no older than 5 years to transfer)

Business Administration Major Courses

Completion of major courses and concentration courses requires a minimum grade of C-.

SWU Required Course (45 hours) Credits TCTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
ACCT 2003 Financial Accounting 3 ACC 101  Accounting Principles I
ACCT 2013 Managerial Accounting 3 ACC 102  Accounting Principles II
BUSI 1003 Introduction to Business 3 BUS 101  Introduction to Business
BUSI 2093 Business Communications 3 No equivalent
BUSI 3203 Business Law I 3 BUS 121  Business Law I
BUSI 3403 Management Information Systems 3 No equivalent
BUSI 4253 Business Ethics 3 No equivalent
BUSI 4893 Business Senior Seminar 3 No equivalent
ECON 2053 Microeconomics 3 ECO 211  Microeconomics
ECON 2063 Macroeconomics 3 ECO 210  Macroeconomics
FINC 3613 Corporate Finance 3 No equivalent
MGMT 2013 Principles of Management 3 MGT 101  Principles of Management
MGMT 4403 Strategic Management 3 No equivalent
MKMT 2013 Principles of Marketing 3 MKT 101  Marketing
STAT 3123 Statistics for Accounting and Business 3 No equivalent


Choose one of the following concentrations.

SWU Required Courses (22-25 hours) Credits TCTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
ACCT 2901 Accounting Software 1 ACC 246  Integrated Accounting Software
ACCT 3003 Intermediate Accounting I 3 ACC 201  Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3013 Intermediate Accounting II 3 ACC 202  Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 3113 Federal Income Taxes 3 ACC 120  Federal Income Tax
ACCT 3203 Cost Accounting 3 ACC 230  Cost Accounting I
ACCT 4013 Advanced Accounting 3 No equivalent
ACCT 4203 Auditing 3 No equivalent
ACCT 4803 Accounting Internship Variable No equivalent
SWU Required Courses (15 hours) Credits TCTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
MGMT 2403 Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship 3 BUS 110  Entrepreneurship
MKMT 3123 Consumer Behavior 3 MKT 250   Consumer Behavior
MGMT 3373 Small Business Management 3 No equivalent
MKMT 3713 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 No equivalent
MGMT 3343 Human Resource Management 3 MGT 201   Human Resource Management
SWU Required Courses (15-18 hours) Credits TCTC Course Equivalent (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
MGMT 3103 Project Management 3 No equivalent
MGMT 3343 Human Resources Management 3 MGT 201  Human Resource Management
MGMT 3353 Organizational Behavior 3 No equivalent
MGMT 4203 International Management 3 No equivalent
General Business

Any combination of at least four (4) courses totaling 12 hours (minimum) from approved business courses at SWU or via accepted transfer credit.  Approved classes designated with prefixes such as ACCT, BUSI, ECON, FINC, MKMT, and MGMT, beyond major requirements, may be used to fulfill the 12 hours of concentration courses.


In addition to core curriculum (40-41 credit hours) and major course requirements, students must complete elective coursework appropriate to their degree.  A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for most bachelor’s degrees, including elective coursework.  Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to identify courses that complement their program area.

SWU Equivalent Course Credits TCTC Additional Course Requirements (Minimum transfer grade of C- required)
Elective credit 3 ACC 150 Payroll Accounting
Elective credit 3 ACC 245 Accounting Applications
Elective credit 3 ACC 275 Selected Topics in Accounting
Elective credit 3 MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics


Core Curriculum Requirements 40-41 hrs.
Major Requirements 45 hrs.
Concentration Requirements 12-25 hrs.
Electives 9-23 hrs.
Total 120 hrs.

Online Concentrations

The following concentrations are offered only via online delivery and are available to On-Campus students who must meet the following requirements to enroll in an online concentration.  On-Campus students must:

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