May 18, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry (BS)

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Federal CIP: 51.1102 Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies

The Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry major is designed to allow students to complete most requirements for medical or dental school within their major courses. Graduates from this program enter a variety of professions including health care at all levels and laboratory or research fields. This major allows students to be eligible for the Enhanced LIFE Scholarship and the Enhanced Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. 

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry degree will be able to:

1. Demonstrate both a theoretical and practical mastery of general biology topics, aligning with the recommendation of Vision & Change (AAAS 2010).

2. Apply and evaluate the effectiveness of laboratory techniques in addressing the research question or problem in a real-world scenario.

3. Graduates will be able to interpret, evaluate, and draw conclusions from data in order to make evidence-based arguments about the natural world.

4. Integrate concepts across other STEM disciplines (e.g., chemistry, physics) and multiple fields of biology (e.g., cell biology, ecology).

Note: Students planning to attend graduate or professional programs following completion of their BS degree should regularly review the needed prerequisites for their desired programs and work with their advisors to incorporate these classes into their program of study.

  • demonstrate mastery of the art of critical thinking, by formulating research questions, appropriately gathering and analyzing data, and interpreting results to address practical questions in biology

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry BS Requirements

Specified Core Curriculum

Students earning a bachelor’s degree must complete all Core Curriculum  requirements. The following specific core curriculum course(s) is required.


In addition to core curriculum (40-44 credit hours) and major course requirements, students must complete elective coursework appropriate to their degree. A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry including elective coursework. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to identify courses that complement their program area. 


Core Curriculum  Requirements 40-44 hrs.

Major Requirements 64 hrs.

Electives 7-15 hrs.


Total: 120 hrs.

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