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2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Music (BA)

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Federal CIP: 50.0901 Music, General

The BA in Music, a general degree, provides the student with a foundation in musical studies while giving an opportunity to choose a track in a secondary area, integrating music with business, production and media communications, or other elective studies. Although an applied performance degree is not offered at Southern Wesleyan University, some BA in Music majors concentrate in performance by taking additional hours in applied areas of study, particularly in their freshman and sophomore years.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of every music major’s course of study, competence must be demonstrated in a knowledge and/or realization of performance, musicianship, composition, improvisation, music history, repertory, music technology, conducting, orchestration, instrumental methods, and analytical techniques. The student will synthesize many of the concepts studied in these subject areas in preparation for the culminating event of a senior recital.


Major Courses

Completion of major courses requires a minimum grade of C-.

Instrumentalist Requirements

Student should choose two courses from the following:

Vocalist Requirements

Optional Tracks

In alignment with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) guidelines, music majors may enroll in the following optional tracks in Contemporary Commercial Music Business or Contemporary Commercial Music Production. 


In addition to core curriculum (40-44 credit hours) and major course requirements, students must complete elective coursework appropriate to their degree. A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Music, including elective coursework. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to identify courses that complement their program area. 


Core Curriculum   Requirements 40-44hrs.
Major Requirements 52 hrs.
Optional Concentrations 24 hrs.
Electives 0-28 hrs.
Total: 120 hrs.


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