Jul 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

IWU Transition to BSN Admission Requirements

Indiana Wesleyan University Transition to BSN Degree Program

General Admission Requirements

For consideration of preferential admission to the Transition to the BSN, Southern Wesleyan BS in Pre-Nursing students must:

  • enroll as a degree-seeking student at SWU;
  • apply for admission to the Transition Nursing BSN degree program within nine (9) months of the student’s enrollment at SWU with the intent to seek admission at IWU under the terms of the dual degree agreement.  In the event that more than nine (9) months lapses between the student’s enrollment at SWU with the intent to seek admission in the IWU Transition Nursing BSN program, the student will NOT be eligible for consideration for admission into the BSN program;
  • meet IWU admission requirements for the BSN degree program with the exception of having the BS in Pre-Nursing degree conferred at the time of admission;
  • complete an IWU online application for admission by the deadline for the indicated semester of entry;
  • submit a letter of recommendation from pre-nursing academic advisor;
  • submit official academic transcripts from all higher education institutions attended;
  • submit written permission allowing IWU to provide SWU with copies of the student’s official academic transcript for the purpose of posting applicable transfer credit in order to fulfill the terms of reverse transfer of the BS in Pre-Nursing;
  • complete required prerequisite courses (minimum GPA of 2.0 for science courses) prior to admission to IWU;
  • earn a minimum cumulative collegiate GPA of 2.75 (calculated from all higher education institutions attended);
  • earn acceptable Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) scores of 65% or higher in each of the four tested categories;
  • earn acceptable TOEFL scores if required;
  • interview with IWU-SON faculty if required;

Up to five (5) SWU students per Transition to BSN Program start (spring semester or summer semester), who have met the admission requirements above will be guaranteed admission to the program. Additional students may seek admission and be reviewed and admitted through the regular IWU admission process as space permits.

Admission to the program is completed upon receipt of written notification of acceptance issued by the IWU program director.

Progression Requirements

Students enrolled in the Transition to BSN Program must meet all requirements for progression through the program as outlined in the IWU - School of Nursing Brochure  .

SWU will reverse transfer any credits with a minimum grade of C- or higher that are part of this agreement upon receipt of an official academic transcript from IWU.

Dual degrees will be awarded to students who successfully complete all program requirements per the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement culminating in a minimum of 150 credit hours for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from IWU and through reverse transfer, the BS in Pre-Nursing from SWU.