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Fall 2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
Fall 2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

On-Campus Program

Admissions Information

Admission to Southern Wesleyan University is dependent upon scholastic attainment, character, and potential to profit by the programs offered. The university welcomes applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or physical handicap, so long as they have a genuine desire for a post-secondary education and possess character traits that will enable them to fit into a Christian collegiate environment.

Each application is considered individually, taking into account basic admissions requirements and the individual’s unique abilities and circumstances. Applicants are notified in writing as soon as a decision is made. 

Admission requirements vary depending on the program for which the student has applied.

Admission to the On-Campus Program

Freshman Applicants

The following criteria must be met by those seeking admission to the on-campus undergraduate program:

  • A completed application form along with a $25 non-refundable application fee. Waivers for this fee include: campus visitors, students receiving an SAT/ACT waiver, students who attend a Wesleyan church, and students who submitted all documents for application review.
  • A high-school diploma-not a certificate of attendance-or its equivalent must be received. If a high school diploma was not received, official GED test scores must be provided. A final transcript, reflecting the graduation date and certification of graduation, is required prior to the start of classes. Courses taken in high school should include at least four units (college-preparation or equivalent) of English, two of science, two of social studies, and two of mathematics.
  • Regular admission - grade point average of 2.3 or higher or a ranking in the upper half of the high-school graduating class at the time of acceptance and a superscore of 860 SAT (combined Evidence Based Reading and Math) or an 18 ACT (superscore).
  • Conditional admission - grade point average of less than 2.3 and/or an SAT superscore of 850 or below (combined Evidence Based Reading and Math) or an ACT of 17 (superscore) will be considered on a case by case basis and must go through the University Admissions Committee process for consideration.
  • The final high school transcript must be submitted following high school graduation.
  • Willingness to conform to the community and lifestyle expectations of Southern Wesleyan University. 

Transfer Applicants

A transfer student is defined as one who has graduated from high school and has completed any academic work at another college or university prior to coming to Southern Wesleyan University. For regular admission to Southern Wesleyan University as a transfer student, the student must submit official transcripts of all academic work from all colleges or universities attended, reflecting a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. Students with a borderline GPA may be accepted on a conditional basis. High-school transcripts may also be requested at the discretion of the Office of Admissions.

Transfer credit is generally accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities and from postsecondary higher education institutions that are recognized by the US Department of Education, provided such transfer courses meet the degree requirements at Southern Wesleyan University as well as transfer-quality accreditation standards.  Courses that are identified by the institution as intended for transfer must demonstrate comparable course content, comparable learning outcomes, and the nature, content, and level of the course learning experience and its appropriateness must be applicable to the programs offered by SWU.  Southern Wesleyan University reserves the right to deny credit from institutions that are not regionally accredited.

Grades lower than C- will not be accepted in transfer.

Except with special permission, transfer credits may not be among the last thirty-two hours of the degree. (Cooperative program hours count as Southern Wesleyan University hours.)

Substitutes for required courses must be approved by the division chair or the school dean.

Transfer Admissions Requirements (excluding the RN to BSN degree program*)

  • A completed application form along with a $25 non-refundable application fee. Waivers for this fee include: campus visitors, students receiving an SAT/ACT waiver, students who attend a Wesleyan church, and students who submitted all documents for application review.
  • Official university transcripts from all previously attended institutions regardless of credits earned or unearned.
  • Regular admission - cumulative collegiate grade point average of at least a 2.0.
  • Conditional admission - Grade point average of less than 2.0 will be considered on a case by case basis and must go through the Undergraduate Admissions Committee process for consideration.
  • International transfer students requiring an I-20 must also provide TOEFL scores or meet one of the university approved waivers for consideration. Course-by-course evaluations of official transcripts of all foreign academic work, evaluated by a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) association member is required for admission.  Additionally, a word-for-word, line-by-line certified English translation of all foreign academic transcripts by an NCAA approved agency is a pre-certification requirement for NCAA eligibility.  
  • The final transcript must be sent following the completion of the semester if courses are still in progress at time of application.
  • Willingness to conform to the community and lifestyle expectations of Southern Wesleyan University.

*Transfer admissions requirements for the RN to BSN undergraduate degree program.   

Students Seeking Readmission

At times, there may be an interruption to the student’s attendance at the university. If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from classes either during the semester or at the end of the semester and does not attend Southern Wesleyan University for a calendar year or longer, the following guidelines apply:

The student must submit a new application for admission (available online and in the Admissions Office).

If the student attends another college during the absence from SWU, an official transcript of all work must be submitted with the application for admission.

Before a student may begin the readmission process, approval must be given by the Office of Student Accounts, Office of Student Life, and Office of Academic Records. The student will be notified of any concerns that hinder this approval.

The readmitted student is required to meet the requirements for graduation in effect at the time of readmission.  Review by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee is required for readmission of all on-campus students who are dismissed or suspended, leave on academic warning or probation, leave during the semester without officially withdrawing, or withdraw with a GPA less than 2.0.

Home School Applicants

Upon verification of home schooling registered with the department of education within the home state, Southern Wesleyan University will review the application of each home schooler. Home schoolers will submit official HS transcript and official SAT, and/or ACT scores for review.   See Freshman Applicants section for admissions criteria. 

International Application Procedures

The following documents must be completed before a letter of acceptance will be considered. The deadline for acceptance is November 1st for Spring Semester and July 1st for Fall Semester:

  • A completed application with a US $25 non-refundable application fee or application fee waiver if applicable.

  • Course-by-course evaluations of official transcripts of all foreign academic work, evaluated by a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) association member. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for a list of association members or visit International Students.  For transfer students, the course-by-course evaluations must include all foreign university or college transcripts. For freshmen, the course-by-course evaluation must include all international high school transcripts with the possible exception of high school transcripts from international high schools that hold United States recognized regional accreditation status.

  • Official scores from either the SAT or ACT for freshmen.
  • Official TOEFL score of 500 (paper test), 61 (online test), or 173 (computer-based test), or official IELTS score of 6. Evidence that English is the student’s primary language may also be considered. IF TOEFL or IELTS are not available, student may request waiver if student meets certain other requirements considered by the university. This waiver request may be obtained from the student’s admissions counselor. Waivers are not guaranteed.

Additional requirements for enrollment at SWU include the following items which should be completed after acceptance:

  • Show proof of health insurance.
  • Register to attend New Student Orientation.
  • Submit Southern Wesleyan University medical history form, including shot record.
  • Submit a housing form and $225 housing-security deposit (resident students only). This should be completed by November 15th for Spring Semester and July 15th for Fall Semester.
  • Make a payment equal to the expenses for the first semester. This payment will reflect all expenses not met by institutional financial aid awarded by the university through the Financial Aid Office.
  • Provide proof of funds (certified bank statement in English and USD$) equal to one academic year of costs, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. This should be completed by November 15th for Spring Semester and July 15th for Fall Semester.

After submitting the payment for the first semester and proof of funds for the full academic year, the I-20 form will then be issued by a Designated School Official. All items necessary for the processing of the I-20 must be completed by the appropriate deadlines in order for an I-20 to be issued in a timely manner. The deadline for issuing an I-20 for a given semester is November 15th for the Spring and July 15th for the Fall.

International students must also complete steps necessary to gain a student visa prior to enrollment:

  1. After receiving the I-20 form, the student must then pay government fees, obtain student visa, and prepare to travel.
    1. For more information regarding the process of coming to the United States, visit studyinthestates.dhs.gov for step-by-step instructions on how to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee, request a visa (and pay applicable fees), schedule a visa interview, and prepare to travel to the U.S. For a complete list of documentation necessary for your appointment, visit www.usembassy.gov. Select your embassy to determine your requirements.
    2. For an overview of the entire process, you may also visit travel.state.gov. Click links regarding an “F” visa.
  2. After obtaining the student visa, make arrangements to arrive at the university no earlier than Orientation to your start date, and no later than the date on the I-20.

International student-athletes must also complete NCAA eligibility requirements for athletic certification.

A complete list of international student-athlete pre-certification requirements is available at NCAA International Student-Athletes. A word-for-word, line-by-line certified English translation of all foreign academic work is one of the NCAA pre-certification requirements for student-athlete eligibility.  SWU faculty cannot provide certified English translations. Search for ATA (American Translators Association) certified translators.

Admission Status

The admission status of students seeking a degree through the On-Campus program at Southern Wesleyan University is determined on the basis of academic work, class rank, and national test scores. (For online programs, see SWU Online .)


These students have obtained superior ratings in their high-school academic work by obtaining a GPA of 3.5 or above or ranking in the top 10% of their class and have at least 1200 SAT (superscore from Evidence Based Reading and Math Section) or 26 ACT/(superscore).


These students have completed high-school or college work satisfactorily by obtaining at least a 2.3 GPA or ranking above 50% of their graduating class and have a test score of at least 860 SAT (superscore from Evidence Based Reading and Math Section) or 18 ACT/(superscore).

Conditional (Academic Warning)

These students do not meet the requirements for regular admission, but indications suggest that college-level work is obtainable for them. On the recommendation of the Undergraduate Admissions Committee, based on criteria set by the faculty, those admitted in this category will need to meet certain conditions during their first semester at SWU in order to be permitted to continue in good standing. These students will be limited to 12-13 hours the first semester.


Upon occasion, a student may be accepted on a provisional basis. This gives permission for a student to register for classes before all of the official documentation has been received to make a full acceptance to the university. Within two weeks of the start of classes, this status must be cleared, or acceptable arrangements made with the Admissions Office, or the student will be asked to withdraw from the university for the semester. The student is responsible for room, board, and other charges incurred while on provisional status (regular refund policies apply).

Special (Gateway)

Students not pursuing a degree at Southern Wesleyan University but desiring to take courses may be admitted as special students. Such students include continuing-education students, students enrolled at other institutions, and senior citizens. Students admitted as special students may not take more than a total of 18 credits from Southern Wesleyan without applying for regular admission. (See section on “Gateway to Learning” under Special Programs).

Dual Enrollment

Rising junior and senior high school students may be admitted to Southern Wesleyan University as dual enrolled students.  Dual enrolled students may complete up to 30 credit hours per academic year for a total of 60 credit hours without pursuing a baccalaureate degree.  High school students may enroll in a maximum of two (2) courses per semester provided that the courses’ start and end dates do not overlap.  For example, a dual enrolled student may enroll in one (1) full semester course or two seven (7) week courses whose start and end dates do not overlap.  Registration in more than two (2) courses per semester requires special permission. Dual enrolled students who complete 30 credit hours per year may wish to consider enrolling in the Associate of Arts in General Studies degree program.

Applicants with Disabilities

Southern Wesleyan University recognizes anyone who has a documented impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Southern Wesleyan has appointed a Coordinator of Services to the student with disabilities as well as a Committee for Students with Disabilities. The Coordinator and the Committee are responsible for helping to integrate the student with a disability into the normal academic process.

Prospective students are invited to visit the university to determine how their needs might be met by the campus facilities and services. Additional information is available from the Office of Student Life.

A Word about Harassment of the Disabled

Southern Wesleyan University endeavors to create an environment in which all members of the community are treated with the dignity and respect inherent in their position as creatures made in the image of God. Not only is harassment a violation of federal law, it is contrary to principles of Christian conduct. Consequently, it is the policy of Southern Wesleyan University that harassment of individuals is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment is absolutely prohibited. (A copy of the Southern Wesleyan policies regarding sexual harassment and harassment of students with disabilities can be found in the SWU Student Handbook.)

Health Policies and Class Attendance

A Southern Wesleyan University physical examination form completed within one year prior to registration, including a complete immunization record, is required of all new students in the On-Campus program. Students are not permitted to register for classes until the physical examination form is fully completed and returned to the Admissions Office. Re-entering students must have on file a physical examination form completed within four years of their re- enrollment. All forms are kept by the campus nurse in the university infirmary.

Additional Information

Requests for general information about the On-Campus program or the application should be directed to:

Director of Admissions Southern Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 1020
Central, SC 29630-1020



Specific answers to questions about the On-Campus program may also be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office at 1-864-644-5550 or 1-800-C-U-AT-SWU.