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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CCCU “Best-Semester” Off-Campus Programs

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) is an international higher-education association of intentionally Christian colleges and universities with 119 members in North America and 54 affiliate institutions in 20 countries. Its mission is to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to help member institutions transform lives by faithfully relating scholarship and service to biblical truth.

A student may participate in off-campus programs other than those sponsored by Southern Wesleyan University or by CCCU. However, such programs must be evaluated by the Provost before the student applies to the program.

The CCCU offers many off-campus semester and summer programs to students of its member institutions. The programs offer a unique opportunity for students to go beyond the limits of the traditional college experience and to make the world their classroom.

Applying to CCCU Off-Campus Programs

For more information about these interdisciplinary-learning opportunities students should visit the CCCU off-campus programs website at Students interested in participating in any CCCU off-campus program should contact the SWU records office.

In general, the application deadline for spring programs is the end of September and the application deadline for fall programs is the end of March. However, the application deadlines to the various CCCU programs can differ from site to site. Therefore, students should work closely with the SWU program coordinator to ensure that all CCCU deadlines are met.


As a general rule, to be eligible for participation in the CCCU cooperative programs:

  1. Applicants must be full-time students enrolled in the university’s On-Campus program.
  2. Applicants must have at least sophomore standing and at least two semesters in attendance at SWU.
  3. Applicants must enroll as a full-time student for at least one semester immediately following their participation in the CCCU program.
  4. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (though admission criteria may vary).
  5. Applicants must be in good standing academically and socially.


Students participating in an off-campus CCCU program pay the regular full semester charges for tuition, room, and board to Southern Wesleyan University. The university then pays the CCCU program fees. Students are responsible for any CCCU program fees above those charged by Southern Wesleyan University. Airfare from a hub site in the U.S. to international programs is typically included in the fee. However, airfare to the U.S. hub site is typically not included.

Financial Aid

Any external sources of financial aid (for example: grants, scholarships, and loans) are applicable to the off-campus program. Institutional aid (i.e. scholarships given specifically by SWU), however, is not automatically available. Generally, institutional aid is limited to two students participating in off-campus semester programs per academic year, with preference given to students participating in a CCCU program.

To be granted permission to use institutional aid for a CCCU program, students must adhere to the following procedure.

Permission to Use Institutional Aid

  1. The student completes and returns the permission application to the SWU Coordinator of CCCU programs on or before November 30, the year prior to when the student wishes to participate in the program.
  2. The coordinator presents the materials to the SWU selection committee. The selection committee will review the permission application and may request additional information and an interview with the applicant.
  3. The selection committee will inform applicants of their status within 30 days following the meeting.

Note that being selected to use institutional aid does not guarantee acceptance into a CCCU program. Application and acceptance to CCCU off-campus programs is a completely separate process and is done through the CCCU.

If a student is granted permission to use institutional aid and is not selected to a CCCU program, the permission may be granted to another applicant.

Deadline for Permission to Use Institutional Aid

The deadline for asking for permission to use SWU institutional aid is November 30 in the year prior to participation.

Selection Criteria for Granting the Use of Institutional Aid

The selection committee will consider the following criteria when considering granting permission to a student to use institutional aid:

  1. Rationale: the relevance of the off-campus program to the student’s academic major and/or plans for graduate school
  2. The student’s cumulative GPA
  3. The student’s plan for sharing the experience with the SWU community
  4. Citizenship: The student’s degree of campus involvement and judicial record

American Studies Program (ASP)

The American Studies Program uses Washington, D.C. as a stimulating educational laboratory where students dive into a network of internship opportunities and mentoring relationships. Students choose a track of courses centering on either public policy or global development.. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit. To learn more about the American Studies Program, go to

Australia Studies Centre (ASC)

The Australia Studies Centre students live with an Australian family and participate in a weekly service placement. In addition to the ASC core courses, students choose courses in the area of theology, graphic design, dance, drama, music, and counseling. To learn more about the Australia Studies Centre, go to

China Studies Program (CSP)

The China Studies Program allows students to experience Chinese civilization firsthand. Students participate in seminar courses on the historical, cultural, religious, geographical and economic realities of this strategic and populous nation. In addition to the study of standard Chinese, students will be given such opportunities as assisting Chinese students learning English or working in an orphanage, allowing for one-on-one interaction. The program seeks to introduce students to the diversity of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program of study enables Christian students to deal with this increasingly important part of the world in an informed, Christ-centered way. To learn more about the China Studies Program, go to

Contemporary Music Center (CMC)

Students have the option to choose one of three study tracks for their semester: artist track, business track or technical track. In each of these tracks, students hone their skills alongside mentors from the industry. All CMC students participate in a music tour at the end of the semester as part of a practicum course. To learn more about the Contemporary Music Center, go to

India Studies Program (ISP)

The India Studies students have the opportunity to delve into an Indian college community that allows the chance to embrace local culture and cultivate meaningful relationships. Students will spend two weeks and five weekends traveling throughout India observing the country’s rich diversity and history. Students will be able to choose courses from a variety of topics including literature, art, costume design, the culinary arts, business and social work, in addition to core courses centering on Indian culture and religion. To learn more about the India Studies Program, go to

Latin American Studies Program (LASP)

The Latin American Studies Program (based in San Jose, Costa Rica) will expose students to the beauty and complexity of Latin American history, religion, people and cultures. Students will also have the opportunity to experience life in several Latin American countries. Students choose from the following academic concentrations in addition to their core coursework: Latin American Studies, Advanced Language & Literature, International Business (offered fall semesters only), or Environmental Science (offered spring semesters only). To learn more about the Latin American Studies Program, go to

Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC)

The Los Angeles Film Studies Center students will study various aspects of film production, faith and artistic development, and will hold an internship in the industry. Additionally, students may choose an elective course in the areas of narrative storytelling, professional screenwriting, professional acting for the camera, or carry out an independent study. To learn more about the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, go to

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)

The Middle East Studies Program Focuses on engaging the Arab-Muslim world in addition to Israeli Jews and Christian Arabs - seeking to learn from all the children of Abraham. Though MESP students obviously take advantage of the incredible biblical geography and sites during their many tours around Israel, the program challenges students with a journey that extends beyond the typical holy land experience. Assuming safe travel conditions, the program arranges substantive travel to Turkey and Egypt as well as a shorter trip to Jordan. Interdisciplinary speaker seminars, Arabic language study, and service work with various aide societies all provide MESP students with opportunities to explore the diverse religious, cultural, and political tapestry of Middle Eastern societies. To learn more about the Middle East Studies Program, go to

Oxford Summer Programme (OSP)

Oxford Summer Programme allows students, as affiliate members of Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, to do intensive scholarship while exploring the relationship between Christianity and the development of the British Isles. Tutorials (discussions between one student and the tutor) give students personal attention from expert Oxford academics as they pursue topics in classics, English language and literature, history, history of science, philosophy, and theology and religion. To learn more about the Oxford Summer Programme, go to

Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford allows students, as members of Wycliffe Hall and Visiting Students of the University of Oxford to pursue intensive scholarship in an historic seat of learning. SSO students focus in detail on topics chosen from among hundreds of possibilities in classics, English language and literature, history, history of art, modern languages, musicology, philosophy, psychology, and theology. To learn more about the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, go to

Uganda Studies Program (USP)

The Uganda Studies Program (USP) students have the option of three different study emphases. The Uganda Studies Emphasis (USE) attracts students who want their primary cross-cultural relationships to develop through their involvement in campus life at Uganda Christian University. The Intercultural Ministry & Missions Emphasis (IMME) attracts students who want their primary cross-cultural relationships to develop through their involvement with a Ugandan host family. The Social Work Emphasis (SWE) is intended for junior and senior social work majors who want their primary cross-cultural relationships to develop through their social work internship in addition to their involvement in campus life at Uganda Christian University. To learn more about the Uganda Studies Program, go to

Washington Journalism Center (WJC)

The Washington Journalism Center students spend an entire semester studying the history and future of newsrooms in America, developing hard-news writing technique, and applying these lessons on the ground in a hands-on internship. To learn more about the Washington Journalism Center, visit